Administrators get an error sorting lookups

Administrators currently get an error when they try to sort the Lookups list by the Name column.

Steps to reproduce:
1.) Login to as a CP Administrator. Under Settings, click on the Lookups link.
2.) Try to sort by the name column. Note you get an error message. If you are using developer tools and track your network requests, you’ll see that the lookup request seems to load correctly. In the error logger, you will see the error message “e.setIn is not a function”

Note that

  • Sorting on the lookups list was working in v2.2.
  • In v2.3, sorting the lookups list only worked in one direction. We fixed this with the Jira ticket R2-2192, so git commits tagged with this ticket may have something to do with the current issue.

Jack, I think this is the same bug

Prioritized for the 2.5.2 release