No allowing (accepting) sending approval requests from browser of tablet/mobile version

As our team are working on tablet/mobile version, they cant sent approval request from Primero application, so we asked them to log in from the tablet browser then to send the requests from there, but they flagged to us recently that they send it but it does not give the last approved message that you agree to sent the request and the supervisors don’t receive any requests. …knowing that they are using (edge browser) and the tablet type is: Huawei tablet- Android version is 8.0.0
Thank you

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Hi Nebras, we have a possible fix for this that may solve this issue for you that Quoin would need to merge for you. I think on the mobile, if you open Primero as a web application in a browser, they will not be able to even do a approval or referral because the actions menu items do not open. We can make it so they do open with the proposed fix above and I can work with Quoin to apply this to your CPIMS+. Also, I do not think things work well on Edge, and if possible if they can use Chrome, that would be better.

The other alternative is the for Primero v2, it is a progressive web application which can be used both offline and online. Once we upgrade you to v2, this will no longer be an issue because you will be able to approvals on the mobile/tablet and will not need to go through a separate mobile application.