Resetting Primero Identity User Password in Primero v2

Organizations Without Identity Providers

In some systems which have been configured to use identity providers, there will still be some organizations who do not use an identity provider. To create User accounts for these organizations, use the “Primero” identity provider.

Once you have selected the “Primero” provider, you will enter a username which ends in the Primero site’s URL.

When you create this User account, the User will receive a welcome email containing a temporary password. Note: At this point, you as the administrator will be responsible for sending the user their Primero username so that they can login.

If the User clicks on the link in the email, they arrive at the Login page, where they click Login with Primero username.

At this point, a separate window will open where the User will be prompted to enter their Primero username, then their temporary password.

Note that, once the User resets their password and signs in, they will be prompted to set up and verify a recovery email address and phone number. This is important, to ensure that Users have a way of recovering their account should they lose access.

The User may also be asked if they would like to “stay signed in.” For security reasons, it is not recommended that Users do so.

From this point forward, all password management and resets will be handled through the Primero identity provider interface accessed through the Login page. In order to update/reset the password for users using the Primero Identity, please go to Microsoft Online Password Reset.