A supervisor is facing error 500 while clicking on cases tab

A supervisor is facing the problem that he logs in to CPIMS+ and the dashboard is visible but when he clicks on the cases tab, it gives the error 500 as in the attached photo, knowing that one of his caseworkers

already faced the same issue and been flagged earlier this week.

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This issue requires your attention. [~ian_brasil], [~jpanchalingam@unicef.org]

New helpdesk comment

assigned to vendor

Hi Nebras, we are looking into this now. I’ll send an update when we have more information.

Hi Nebras,

It looks like the issue was caused by some Cases with photo attachments whose filename started with a number. The issue should be temporarily fixed for now, so please have the social worker and supervisor who experienced this issue to check their Case list page, to make sure everything is alright.

We are now going to work on a long-term fix. In the meantime, to prevent this happening again before we can deploy the long-term fix, please communicate to the case workers to avoid uploading photos or documents whose filenames start or end with a number, since this seems to be what triggers the error.


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