Administrator cannot configure incident forms

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When logged in as an admin using one of primero instances TSFV, the forms list for incidents was blank as shown in the image.

Hi Abed,

It is important to remember that if a role has access to limited forms when viewing a record (like an Incident), it will also have access to limited forms when configuring the record forms. Based on your configuration, I believe this is the reason why your administrative user cannot configure the Incident forms.

Here’s an example from another configuration. In this configuration, the administrator can only see limited information about a case, in order to protect the data confidentiality of children whose information is in the system. In the first picture, you can see that, when the administrator views a case, they can only see the “سجل المعلومات” form.

If the same administrator tries to configure case forms, you will see that they also only have the ability to configure the “سجل المعلومات” form.

The configuration for TSFV does something similar: the TSFV Administrator can see all records, so it is configured to only see a small amount of information, in order to prevent data confidentiality issues. However, this limits the TSFV Administrator’s ability to configure forms.

For this reason, many configurations have two admin roles:

  • One role with access to all records (i.e. cases, incidents, tracing requests) in the system but access to very limited forms, to prevent data confidentiality issues.
  • A second “administrator only” role, with no access to records, but access to all forms, so that they can configure all forms without being able to see all forms on all cases - avoiding the data confidentiality issue.

I hope this helps explain how limiting a role’s form access affects both the data which they can see about records, as well as which forms they are able to configure.

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Appreciate the comprehensive response Jack