API or Webhook (POST) to create a case from an external source

We have some idea of bringing an App to tackle GBV in this Covid19 and lockdown period and we wanted to explore the opportunity to merge the system with Primero in other.

Basically put our current system will collect data from GBV survivors and we wanted to pass it to Primero for proper follow up.

I wanted to know if there is an option or a way in Primero that will enable us to create a case and fill in some information thought an API or an endpoint in Primero or if you think it’s possible to just insert the data directly in the database to achieve that.


This is possible in v2 of Primero (which is a React app on top of an API) so that would be a good place to start https://github.com/primeroIMS/primero/tree/development_v2
You could of course also use the Primero mobile app https://github.com/primeroIMS/rapidreg if you wanted to

Thank you very much for your answer. Can you please direct me on the API documentation on how to perform that?

Thank you in advance

sure!..v2 is in active development so there is no documentation of the API yet. The best thing is to look at the code

Do you mind if I make this public so others might benefit?

Yes please. So it will help others. I will just hide the secret key and password in the sh file

I posted a guide here about setting up v2.While its still in development its best to use this guide rather than bash scripting stuff