Become a Volunteer Translator for Primero!

Would you like to help us reach more vulnerable children, migrants and survivors of violence with better quality services?

The Primero Team is looking for volunteer translators and reviewers!

Primero v2 is currently available in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, with a bunch of other languages either partially translated or completed for a specific module. However, we are always in need of new volunteer translators and reviewers. Please consider contributing to your language, and help us make Primero truly accessible to everyone.

What do I need to be a translator?

  • We are looking for volunteers who are proficient in English and native speakers in another language or languages.
  • Ideally, volunteer translators should also be Primero users who are familiar with the platform, however this is not always a requirement.
  • Volunteers should also be comfortable learning a new software called Transifex. It is free and easy to use. See:

How do I become a Translator?

The process is very simple. All translation happens on the Transifex site. The first step is to register in Transifex:

*For detailed steps, check out Transifex’s guide, [Getting Started as a Translator. ](Getting Started as a Translator | Transifex Documentation)If you run into any issues signing up or joining the translation team, please send us an email to

Start translating

We appreciate our community and will do our best to acknowledge your contributions.

Once you have registered as a translator and have joined our team on Transifex, you can start translating through the Transifex Web Editor. Here’s a useful guide to help you get started: Translating Online with the Web Editor

Thanks to our friends at KoboToolBox for sharing these instructions.