Bulk PDF export of cases containing Arabic text doesn't work


We are using CPIMS+ V1.7.28 and we have to use Arabic texts in our case information. When we tried to bulk export cases from the case list, the PDF did not display the correct Arabic texts. However when we tried exporting the cases individually from inside the case, it was exporting properly. Please help solve the issue.

This could be related to fonts. First try to give the role the ’ Export new case pdf’ permission as this uses a different exporter than the one from ‘Export case pdf’. If this does not work then you may need to add the specific arabic font for the dialect you want in pdf_exporter.rb. Here is an example we did for a Kurdish dialect (the ttf must obviously be in the i18n_fonts folder

      # Kurdish - Unikuweb
      @pdf.font_families["Unikuweb"] = {
        normal: {
          :file => Rails.root.join('public/i18n_fonts/Unikuweb.ttf'),
          :font => "Unikuweb"

      # Add fallback fonts to array
      @pdf.fallback_fonts = ["Riwaj", "Kalimati_Regular", "Arial_Unicode_MS", "Khmer", "Unikuweb"]