Can I clone a record?

It would save a lot of time if I could do this

This is not currently part of Primero’s functionality, but will be considered in further development.

Can cases and incidents be linked?

No. While an incident can be created from a case, cases cannot be created from incidents, and no data linkage currently exists between cases and incidents. If this change were ever to be made, intense discussions of security would need to occur, and an extensive agreement would need to be reached over how data is shared between the MRM, CP, and GBV modules.

What does “duplicate” mean as a case status?

“Duplicate” is a case status reserved for those cases which are found to be duplicates of other cases–as in the case of a single child moving from camp to camp, giving slightly altered names to different workers. Having a separate status for this state allows users to leave these cases out of reports without deactivating them entirely.