Can incidents be disabled?

I am currently unable to do this, although I believe they are meant to be as there is a filter option under the Incidents Records list that allows you to show enabled/disabled incidents.

This is something we need to be able to do because we are finding people are creating incidents outside of cases. They then go back to cases to create the incident correctly, but this leads to duplicate entries (if we are unable to disable them)

This is working on 1.7 for the roles who have that permission

This enable/disable permission is currently assigned to the GBV system admin, caseworker, mobile caseworker, and the superuser. Which role were you using or should this be different for v2?

It was also mentioned that the person/user who needs to disable the incidents, need to have ‘edit’ access to be able to disable the incident

Disabling incidents now fixed and available in v2.0.0.35