Case files don't save onto GBVIMS+ platform

Most of the data and information entered in the system is not accessible and/or do not appear again once the CW/CW supervisor finalizes the process of data entry and makes the final save. for instance (survivor assessment, Action plan, Safety plan and most of the information related to the survivor do not appear once the data entry responsible person finalize the process and save it)

Can you give a little more details about this?
What version does it appear on and how can we replicate it. Are you saying that the data disappears from the logged in role after they save? Does this role have permission to edit the data?
A step by step of how it happens would be great

Hi @irlawrence ,
I am waiting on feedback from the Country Office and will revert to you once I have this. In the meantime I will report the issue on Jira.


Hi @ekormawa,
We can actually push the issue from here to our UNICEF systems and then onwards to whoever is going to work on it. As such just update here and we can hopefully solve it!

Spoke with Elfriede on 04/15/2020, and it seems the issue was an internet/access problem, not an issue with Primero and the application.

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