Case Management Guidance: Case Closure

When do you close cases?

Following CP CM guidelines and depending on agency rules. From CP CM guidelines “Most often cases are closed when the goals of the child and family, as outlined in the case plan, have been met, the child is safe from harm, their care and well-being is being supported, and there are no additional concerns. Other reasons cases can be closed are:

  • The family / child no longer want support and there are no grounds for going against their wishes (i.e. provided this is safe for the child)
  • The child is turns 18 years old (When a child turns 18, it is important to prepare for this and support the child to identify what this means and where they can go to for continued support should this be required and/or wanted.) The CPIMS IA Coordinators are SUPER careful with this rule.
  • The child passes away