Case Management Guidance: Coordination and Service Provision

Is family mediation kosher in CP?

We do a lot of family mediation, as caregivers are the ones responsible for looking after their children, so similar to why we work with perpetrators, we would work to support children and their caregivers to come together and work together – understanding the behavior of both and how to support – this is mostly for cases of violence within the home – not with the aim of giving blame, but understanding the situation, working from the basis that caregivers do not want to be violent or neglect their children and so we are all working towards a common outcome of improve relationship between children and caregivers.

What about personal goals kids have – should that be added to the type of service list?

The personal goals the child may have should be part of the case plan, not service list, but should definitely be included.

Do you have SOPs for how multiple caseworkers work on a single case together? This seems very confusing to me and like it would create circumstances for people to argue about who was supposed to do what for a case.

This is in the CM guidelines from 2014. When a case is referred the case holder remains the initial case worker, which means s/he is responsible to make the linkage and work together with the receiving agency. It’s like accompanying children to services and making the link (explanation to the child about the services, process, etc).

What if someone starts a case and case management services for a child of neglect, then another CP caseworker adds that they provided case management services while the case is still open on then being a chronically ill child, but they’re also giving them case management. Who owns this case?

This is related to duplicate and it can be dealt outside of the system. When a case is identified, discussions are made with the child to know if they received services already, so then we can avoid having several people dealing with her/him. The whole point is that this should not happen – and the idea of coordination for CM is so that one case worker should be referring the child for different services that child needs, neglect, chronic illness etc.

Have you had any issues where the original caseworker doesn’t see that their case was updated in the dashboard? How does this impact our services?

Outside of the case worker, no one can edit the case file. For referral they will just get the confirmation that the service was provided.

Has there been any talk of melding the CPIMS+ training with case management so that you go through the CPIMS+ as you talk about case management? AND or have you gone through this all with real scenarios for people to enter?

CPIMS+ training should always be linked to CP CM process.