Case Management Guidance: Data Collection and Reporting

For GBV, we don’t recommend and we do not collect that level of perpetrator information. Should we talk about this?

For CP, it depends – if the perpetrator is the parent, depending on what the incident is, we may have to collect and work with that parent (for example if it’s a case of neglect or violence in the home, we’d work to understand why the child is being neglected, what support the caregiver may need to support the child better etc), so it really depends. Cases where we wouldn’t work with a perpetrator are for sexual violence, and for some other forms of extreme violence.

When you report out – do you just count by the child? Or do you count incidents or services provided? What about duplication here?

No incident normally, you can create your own report based on what you need to extract but most of the time we are doing it on the basis of a case. Verification process should prevent duplication of cases. We can report by type of ‘incident’ so for example report number of unaccompanied children; number of neglected children; number of children engaged in child labor – and these may be the same child who has multiple incidents or protection concerns as we call them (this will all change when we work through our child protection data points, but who knows how long that will take).

How do you do analysis when you have so many forms added for each protection concern?

This is why the global forms were created to follow the steps of CM and not do per protection concerns.