Case Plan Form - Fields and Uses

How to use Case Plan Form!
Please give a complete description for case plan form.


A case plan is just a form which has a number of services added to it. Case plans become due based on the “Date Case Plan Due” field (or any field with the id “case_plan_due_date”) on the Assessment form ( If you need to use custom workflows in your case plan then have a look here ( but this cannot be enabled in the UI only in the configuration bundle.

What exactly are you trying to model? If you explain your use case in more details I can maybe give more specific advice

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In my case social worker will send requests to the manager for case approval after gathering all information related to the case, after viewing all case details manage will approve the case, if he feels that the case does not need any further assessment then he will not approve and close the case for giving appropriate case closure reasons.
But the problem is when the manager approves a case plan, the status in the case gets updated but the alerts are not removed.
Also, specify if anything else can be done for my above requirement

You need to modify the approval type lookup to remove the alert. You cannot do this through the admin UI so will need to again do that in the configuration bundle

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Can you please tell me. What all changes needed to do with configuration bundle

@ajeg90 didn’t you do something like this ?

I have updated every fields in approvals but still alert don’t goes away

Can you share your configuration?