Case Transfers and Referrals

Is there some way when transferring a case that the person transferring can still see the record?

This is the case until the other person accepts the transfer. If you want to retain ownership of the record you should refer the case. If the person who transfers the case then refers it you, then you will see it.

When a user performs an external referral, is the user they referred to required to follow up on the referral?

Currently, requiring referees to follow up on the referrals they are sent is a human process; not one mandated by the Primero platform. Such a feature may be considered as development on Primero continues.

When I perform an external referral to someone on a different Primero system, how do I send them the referral file and the password to access it?

This will depend on the information sharing protocol (ISP) agreed upon by the appropriate country steering committee. If you do not have access to an ISP, please consult with your local steering committee.

Is owner just the person who registers the case, or can the owner be changed?

An owner can be changed through a transfer . Only certain users with the proper permissions can perform a transfer–usually managers and administrators. When a transfer occurs, say from User One to User Two, User One will no longer have access to the selected file, even if she was the user to originally register the case. User Two will be the new case owner and will have full access to its information.

On the Record Owner form, I see a field labelled, “Other assigned users.” What does this mean?

When you refer a case to another user, they need to have access to your case’s information, but you do not want to make them a record owner. Therefore, both you and the referee are considered “assigned users,” meaning that both of you have some access to the case.

This may be a bug issue, but the “request transfer” didn’t show up for me when I viewed an existing case.

Case transfer is not for case worker but supervisor or agency system admin.

When referring cases, does the service provision form automatically get shared between the two involved caseworkers?

Yes, it is automatically shared. Thereafter to remove access, they will need to mark the referral as ‘done’ or need to be removed from ‘other assigned users’ in the record information form.

Why is it possible to Remove referrals? Is this just data loss? What is the point of this?

If the record owner wants to take away a service provider’s access, they can remove them from the “Other Associated Users” field in the Record Owner form. It’s just that the case will only stay in the initial case worker (case holder), and it’s done only when the service is provided.

Why are no users found when I select this agency?

To be able to see users, you need to select services first. Please note: when you are setting up a user role, make sure they have a the permission to receive referral.