Code Configuration - Fields and Dashboards

Which field pulls the districts into the admin dashboard?

It is the location of the user who submitted the case not where the child is.

What does the child table field called registration_date and created_at mean?

“Registration_date” is a specific business attribute. “Created_at” is just a record timestamp.

Is "registration_date" related to date of creating the case?

No. A registration date is when a child was registered as a case. A user may alter it.

Where could I find the date of creating the case?

It is today’s date by default but a user can change it.

How do we enable the workflow/progress bar?

The workflow bar/progress bar can be enabled in the JSON file. Please see the section “Managing Workflow Statuses” in the administration guide:

Why didn’t my workflow bar appear after I entered identification info about a case and saved it?

This is configurable to be on/off, and is also configurable to be triggered by different things. There is a detailed video on this but at a high level: