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How can I filter the location in a drop down? For example, just show districts and not the whole hierarchy?

Which field does the district filter use?

You can not filter locations. We can note this as an enhancement. We found that programs like having an admin level they like reporting on - and anything else goes into the address or landmark text fields. However if you have this one field that is special, you can create a lookup with keys that correspond to the district code.

The field that the district filter uses is the location that gets stamped on the case, the caseworkers district (location of the case worker/reporting location).

Can I add locations myself to an instance or does this require development effort?

HDX and a lot of the other sources we deal with tend to export location data via CSV or Excel files, so we usually load these using a Ruby script, thus the suggestion that a development vendor handle it. This can take anywhere from 4 - 40 hours, since quality and consistency of source data varies widely. Some sources have duplicate locations, inconsistent spellings, and gaps in code availability, which require us to fix errors in the source as we go. Luckily, HDX data tends to be pretty consistent, so loading these requires closer to the 4 - 8 hour range.

The downside of the HDX sources is that they tend to only contain high-level locations. The less consistent datasets are usually for smaller village or camp locations which HDX did not include, and tend to come from surveys done by government, NGOs, and other UN agencies.

So, to sum up: HDX sets for high-level locations take relatively little effort but lack detail, while non-HDX sets for low-level locations are inconsistent and take more time to load. All this requires dev work ( locations we write a ruby script and execute it on the server).

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Also note that in v1.7 we have changed how the seeded locations load to optimize performance. Currently we suggest the system store approximately 200 locations (max) but we have instances (like v1.6) where countries have had over 1,000 locations. Although it was slow at the time for v1.6.

We would like to only view camp names and host community names under the locations filter option of “Camp” instead of all locations. Is this possible?

We are not able to change the locations filter as this displays all locations lower than region.