Could not accept or reject a transfer request

Hi, please help us with below issue.
Case worker A made a transfer request of a case that is belong to case worker B (in case preview after performing a search). Case worker B can view the transfer request in the transfer/assignment but there is no button for him/her to accept or reject the transfer request. This was tested in demo Primero V2 of Case ID: a66e9de.

Thank you

You need to make sure that Case Workers have the permissions to be able to accept/reject case transfers. Look in Roles

Hi Phanneth, Accept/reject option is available if you recieve a case transfer from other user. But not when you recieve a request from other user to transfer them a case that you currently own.
If the Case worker B wants to transfer the case (responding the transfer request), he need to do so by clicking ‘transfer case’. Once the Case worker B transfer the case to Case worker A, accept/reject option would be avaialbe for Case worker A in the respective Transfer form.