Deleting a group and creating the group with the same name issue

General Primero Questions:

Please see the example below for more clearance on the issue:

  1. I created group_a and added user_a and user_b to it
  2. I deleted group_a and now the users above show that they are not in any group.
  3. I created a new group and named it group_a again and did not add any user to it yet.
  4. Now I opened user_a and user_b and found that they have automatically got assigned to the newly created group (group_a)

Note: the same result happened when I created a group and named it (group a) with no (_) sign

This process was a test to see if we can remove all the users in a group and add another bunch of users to the group without the need to go into each user and remove the group from it.

I suspect this is because of the way couchdb works. Creating and deleting groups is a cheap and quick operation in Primero so is there any reason the 2 groups need to be called the same thing?

Thank you for the answer and apologies for the late reply, the reason we have the same name is that we need the same group to still be in the system but to clear the users and add new users that have been hired to the same group.