Disabling Cases and Preventing Double Entry of cases into the system

How can we make a disabled case disappear from the list of open caseload? Right now we are having challenges of double entry cases which are realized due to self relocations of children from one location to the other.

And a gain can the system detect immediately if a particular case is already in the system during the time of case entry to help prevent double entries? If this can be made right then it will solve the issues of one particular child assessment being entered more than once in the system especially now that we are two agencies using the system.

Many thanks

Hi Sheth,

By default we do not display duplicate cases in the case list view. To ensure a case is marked as a duplicate select this in the “Case Status”

We request that case workers search for a case before they create a new case in the system using the search functionality in the “Search” bar. Once we complete the upgrade it will look like this: image. In v1.7 we also have a duplicate detection report as well.

Many thanks Jan for the input.
Remember that each and every case worker has his/her own account meaning even if the case worker search for an existing record, the search will specifically be to his/her account records not to the entire system record. Meaning if the same case was entered by a different case worker then the search will not find the record since that same case was not entered with that case worker. Not only if the search looks for the record in the entire caseload AND NOT specific for a particular account record then the search will find the record. Right now, its only the manager or the system Admin who have access to the entire caseload who can search a particular case and ensure that the same case is not in the system which is tedious for every case worker to come and you do the search for him/her.

Hi Sheth, great point. Depending on the configuration, we can make it so case workers can search the entire system but only be able to view specific fields. This would then make it so case workers do not only have to come to the manager or system administrator to search for duplicates. We will be able to make these changes for Kakuma during the upgrade if you think this would be beneficial. We also have a duplicate report functionality in version 1.7 that can be available to you. You can view the video on this functionality here: https://youtu.be/K7wzEb1t4tc