Dropdowns menu not working on android tablet browser

As we are working in remote area like Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, So we used the offline version of Primero apps. As we all are known that in Primero apps we didn’t input all information and make approval request. So considering these problem our organization has decided to use web browser in Samsung S5e Tablet. Finally we provide tablet to our caseworker. But now we observed that our caseworker can’t make approval request through firefox browser. The drop-down menu is not working for ACTIOINS button. I have tested it in different browser like Samsung Internet, Google Chrome, EDGE, UC Browser. But didn’t find any solution.

Finally I am here and seeking the solution so I have post my problems.

Just to clarify. You are using Primero v2 and the pwa correct? You then cannot use the dropdown menu from the ACTIONS button on any browser on a tablet? This is both using the browser in tablet mode as well as desktop mode?