Error in Installation

Hello all , Can we still use this doc for installation in self-hosted servers?

I was getting few errors and couldn’t figure out a way to resolve and finish installation. Previously i had used that doc and it was working fine, but this time somewhere i’m struggling, request for a support from the community.

I get the following error at this stage.
ansible-playbook application-primero.yml --tags "local-env" -e @secrets.yml

Attaching my inventory file

      ansible_user: 'root'
      primero_host: ''
      primero_tag: 'latest'
      locale_all: 'en,fr,ar'
      always_pull: true,
      # These 3 variables are used to drive the build task.
      # Can be omitted if pulling images from Dockerhub
      primero_repo_branch: 'development_v2'
      build_docker_tag: 'latest'
      build_docker_container_registry: ''
      # If you want to seed from a private configuration repo
      #primero_configuration_repo: ''
      #primero_configuration_repo_branch: 'master'
      #primero_configuration_path: 'directory/of/config/loader/script'
      use_lets_encrypt: 'true'
      # The other certbot/lets_encrypt variables are optional. Include only if using Let's Encrypt
      - '{{ primero_host }}'
      certbot_email: ''
      lets_encrypt_domain: '{{ primero_host }}'
      lets_encrypt_email: '{{ certbot_email }}'
      # Different for self-signed certs
      nginx_ssl_cert_path: '/etc/letsencrypt/live/primero/fullchain.pem'
      nginx_ssl_key_path: '/etc/letsencrypt/live/primero/privkey.pem'
      # Optionally parametrize Primero containers with other environment attributes.
      # Do not use this dictionary for secrets!!!
        PRIMERO_DEFAULT_USERS: 'true' # Seed default users when using the managed Primero SaaS configs

Shall I add use_external_certs: true, to solve the second error?

But Not sure why I get first error eventhough i have primero_repo_branch populated as ‘development_v2’

Hello @irlawrence Ian, Greetings, would like to request your advice on this. Thanks a million in advance

The branch development_v2 no longer exists so use master