Error loading record(s)

When I click the ‘Closure’, it appear ‘ERROR LOADING RECORD(S)’

And the error log at below:

How can I solve it?
My version is

Hi there,

Is there any way you can send the JSON being returned by the API response for the form config? If you keep your dev tools open and click into the Network tab, then go into the form editor for that Closure form, you should see the browser pulling back that configuration data. I’ve included a screenshot here to show you what I mean. The API response should follow the pattern /api/v2/forms/20, with the ‘20’ here being replaced by the numeric ID of the closure form in your system. If you select the response in your network tab, click the “Preview” sub-tab, and then right-click the response preview, you should just be able to copy the whole JSON response and include it in as a post. This will give us the best chance of debugging, since it seems like this might have to do with the form configuration.

thanks a lot!!! It helps me.