Error message when navigating GBVIMS+

The attached error message pops up when a user (role OFP) clicks on any case record in the cases list and/or received an email notification from Primero requesting case approval requests and the selects the link.

Your support in troubleshooting would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

So the OFP role on this system does not have approval permissions so that explains the link error. They also only have access to records from their group (not all users) so the case list issue could be related to this?
There are no errors logged in the system so its permissions related IMO

Thanks for the response. The OFP should be able to click on all records from users in their organization and view/read them. This OFP still gets the error code when trying to do that.

I think this may be related to something on the users machine/browser since we checked the account and it was fine. Also the user now reports that everything is working