Filtering by Case Worker

Hello! I have a Case Management Oversight / Supervisor who needs to filter by case worker. Currently, they have to go through each case one by one to try to find the cases assigned to the counselor, which takes a lot of time. Is it possible for this role to be able to filter by case worker? Thank you!

Hiya @meg.obr!

In case list view you have the option of filtering by ‘field/case/social worker’. Look at the column ribbon on the right hand side of the page. The Case Management Supervisor will have to select the case worker she is looking for, then click ‘apply’ .

Please note you get into case list view by clicking the ‘cases’ tab.


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Hi @meg.obr ! First of all, thanks @ekormawa for the helpful reply. I just wanted to add that if your supervisor does not currently see the Case Worker filter described above, check to see if their User account is set up to be a manager. If you edit their User account, on the User form, there should be a small check box that says “Manager”. Please make sure this is checked, since this controls whether they see a number of manager-relevant features like dashboards and filters.