Forms editing in CIMPS vr 2 DEMO reverse to default

I made new configuration for new user role for case workers in the CIMPS vrs 2 demo version,
I realised the setting I made in the forms under the new user role reverse to default setting after saving.

Hi Kingsley,

For other readers’ clarity, I just want to note that based on our conversation, this issue did not involve saving a Configuration, but just creating a Role. So the steps were:

1.) You created a Role, including specifying which forms that Role could access.
2.) You saved the Role, and as soon as it saved, you noticed that your specified forms had been un-selected.

When our developers looked at the Role you created, we found that the issue was caused by the fact that the “Modules” field was blank (for a CP implementation, you should always set this to “CP”). Since all of your forms belong to the CP module, but your role does not have access to that module, Primero did not let your role have access to any of the forms you selected.

Try editing your Role, selecting the “CP” module, and re-selecting the forms for your Role. Then save. This should resolve your issue.

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