GBV dashboard not updating

For the role ‘GBV Program Manager’ the homepage dashboard showing record numbers for -total, new & updated, transfers awaiting acceptance, new incidents, all services implemented- only show ‘0’ and is not updating. Please could you troubleshoot?

The first thing to check is the groups the manager is in. Is this for a specific instance?

They are assigned to the correct groups. It has only been reported for this one instance so far.

For anyone who arrives here with the same issue this has been solved. It was because the user was new and had not been ‘registered’ yes in the database.
It was solved by restarting the process
sudo /srv/primero/bin/primeroctl restart
To learn more about this script look here


Similar issue reported for a different instance. This is a v1.7 deployment so does not need the to be restarted for changes to be registered. The dashboards of caseworkers do not update when there is a transfer awaiting acceptance. However, CWs are able to find the transferred case record in their case list or when they use the search function.

Any tips on troubleshooting this would be helpful.

Many thanks.

Which instance is this on?

It is being reported in the Lebanon instance.