GBVIMS+ Lookups issues: Changing order of Lookups, and fields defaulting to wrong Lookup

Hi there - configuring GBVIMS+ v2 and having two issues with Lookups:

  1. Created new lookup values but unable to apply them to the field - e.g. under ‘gender’ of perpetrator(s), options should be M, F, Both M&F, but system defaults to ‘gender’ Lookup of ‘M,F’. I created a new Lookup (‘Gender 1’) but the field defaults to the pre-existing Lookup of Gender (M,F) and won’t let me apply the new Lookup I created instead.

  2. Created new lookup values for v2 under other form fields (eg. survivor information>type of location), and the new Lookups are appearing but not in the order in which I created them, and the order is important.

Hey Kate,
Once a lookup is set on a select dropdown or multi-select dropdown, you are not able to change the lookup. In order to change a lookup, you’ll need to create a new select dropdown (Perpetrator(s)) or multi-select dropdown and use the updated lookup (Gender1).

For the lookup order for type of location, just verifying that you reordered it the way you want it to appear in the lookup and it’s not appearing in that same order once you created the new field?