GBVIMS+ v1.5 Incident Recorder Export Issue

When I export the Incident Recorder, the answers for the question, “Does the client want to pursue legal action?” are not being populated. I have confirmed that caseworkers are selecting answers, but they are still not appearing in the Incident Recorder.

The field pursue_legal_action uses the lookup lookup-yes-no-undecided. The addition of undecided meant that this is coming as a string instead of as a boolean. There is some logic in the application that converts lookup-yes-no and lookup-yes-no-undecided to use boolean true/false instead of string yes/no so we will need to use that. We are working on this fix atm

This has already been fixed in versions above 1.6

so we will backport it to 1.5

That’s great news! Will you please flag when this fix is ready for 1.5? Also, will you please share the steps to apply these fixes (when ready)? Thank you!

Merged Fix legal_couseling value handling by rbelem · Pull Request #15 · primeroIMS/primero · GitHub
Where (which instance) does this need to be applied on?

The IRC Uganda GBVIMS+ instance. Thank you!

This fix has now been applied to that instance