GBVIMS+v2 Exporting Limited Subform Data Fields

I am still experiencing issues when exporting a customized form (the Monitoring and Evaluation form). In this form, there are specific data fields from nested/subforms, specifically the Action Plan and Follow-Up forms.

When exporting this case form (via custom exports) all of the data from the subforms are being exported, rather than just the specific data fields in the form. Because this form is created to limit the users access to certain data fields, we can only have the data fields that are in the M&E form be included in this export.

For example, in the Action Plan data fields on the M&E form, you are only mean to see: Type of Need; Type of Intervention; How will the survivor access this service; Consent for services; Was the service provided. However, when exported, you see: Describe the action plan to address this need; Appointment time; Service Provider; Service location; Notes; If mandatory reporting laws apply, did you report the incident; If yes, did you inform the survivor…; If yes, when was the service provided; Details about action taken

The same issues of extra data fields being included in the export are also occuring with the Follow Up subform.

Here is the M&E form PR.

Was fixed in 2.0.4 but this was retested, and this issue is not resolved. Requiring software development to fix this issue. We are scoping out the requirements with the programme team.
Update: this has been resolved in the September Release 2.0.6