Help Required Hosting V2 to Linode

Hello. I’m trying to host a custom version of Primero to Linode. I’ve set up the project in a personal github respository. I’m confused about filling the inventory.yml file. Could you please explain what goes in the following fields:


Secondly, I will continue making changes to the code of my Primero project, and managing them via Git. Can you please guide as to how I can continue deploying these changes to the Linode as I make them, without losing any data or configuration on the deployed version? Thank you

So the variables are as follows:

primero_host is where your server will be running like

primero_repo is your fork

primero_repo_branch is the git branch you will be deploying (your changes)

build_docker_tag is the docker tag you want to deploy (I think you can leave this as ‘’ for now)

build_docker_container_registry is the docker registry (I think you can leave this as ‘’ for now)

primero_configuration_path along with primero_configuration_repo and primero_configuration_repo_branch are used if you are storing a configuration of primero in git. You can then load your configuration into primero, make changes in the UI to forms, translations etc and export that config to git.
Take a look at how a configuration should look

Related to the last part of your question I would get set up first on a server using your fork and ansible. Then we help you with the sync stuff

One thing to note is that you need to comment the following line in the inventory file to make any changes you made to your git repo show up on the UI
always_pull: true
It is NOT sufficient to set this to false. It needs to be commented out or removed from the inventory.yml to make your git changes show up in primero