How can i see what fields are searchable? How do I refine my searches so I only pull back relevant data?

I want to search for specific values in specific fields of a record. How can i see what fields are searchable? For example, I remember the name of the one of my client’s mother. Can I search for family details?

I searched for the name of one of my cases, but I am pulling back way too many results.
How do I refine my searches so I only pull back relevant data?


You search like this for the name Deivinson Ricardo Martínez Cruz


In this case the " " means make this a whole string and then the + means search for each term and only return whatever matches all of them


The following fields are searchable:

  1. unique_identifier,
  2. short_id,
  3. case_id_display,
  4. ration_card_no
  5. icrc_ref_no
  6. rc_id_no
  7. unhcr_id_no
  8. unhcr_individual_no
  9. un_no
  10. other_agency_id
  11. survivor_code_no
  12. national_id_no
  13. other_id_no
  14. biometrics_id
  15. family_count_no
  16. dss_id camp_id
  17. tent_number nfi_distribution_id
  18. name
  19. name_nickname
  20. name_other

Primero’s search uses phonetic matching to include results which have the same sound as your search term. For instance, if you search for ‘John,’ the result ‘Jon Doe’ will appear, even though the first name ‘Jon’ is not spelled with an ‘h’ like in your search term. While this method gives the user flexibility if they do not know exactly how to spell a name, it does come with limitations. For instance, if you search for ‘John Doe,’ and a child’s full name is ‘Jon Amos Doe,’ it will not appear in your search results. This is because Primero is searching for a name which contains the words / sounds you typed, in order. Basically, when Primero compares ‘John Doe’ to ‘Jon Amos Doe,’ it first determines that the sound ‘John’ matches the sound ‘Jon,’ but then decides that the sound ‘Doe’ does not match the sound ‘Amos,’ and so excludes this child from the search results. While this may seem limiting, it prevents Primero’s search from including irrelevant results. So, if you search using full name, and the Case you are seeking does not appear, try searching for the first, middle, and/or last name instead.

If a case worker searches “John” OR “Doe”, the case list will return names such as “John Jack” or “Jane Doe”.

If you are searching “Akiel Pilgrim”, the results will also include names with similar letters (a, i, l, k, r) such as “Adarius Balkaran”.

In the Incidents, the following fields are searchable:
incident_id - Long ID - GBV Incident Form
incident_code - Incident Code - GBV Incident Form
monitor_number - hidden
survivor_code - Survivor Code - GBV Individual Details
incidentid_ir - Incident ID IR - GBV Incident
short_id - Incident ID - GBV Incident Form
super_incident_name - hidden
incident_description - Account of Incident - GBV Incident Form
individual_ids - hidden