How can one delete reports from the reporting module?

On Primero IMS V2.0.0, our team has found ourselves in a bit of pinch deleting reports that are available in the reports module. We are able to create new reports, edit the reports and their parameters however, there is no option to delete a report (remove it from the reports section and from the system entirely) if it is not required.

We can delete them, and will need to assign a software engineer to help with this. Could you let us know which module and country you are in and which reports need to be deleted?

Alternatively, you can edit and turn the default report to the new report as per your requirement. Below are the steps to edit the default report;

If you are running your own instance then you can do this for example:

r = Report.find {|r| r["name_i18n"]["en"] == "Cases per Month" }
Report.delete_by(unique_id: r["unique_id"])
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