How to implement custom reports in Primero

Hello all,

We are working on a project for HAQ: Centre for Child Rights. We have implemented Primero for this project. We have made good progress in implementing most of the required functionality. However, we are looking for some advice from the community to implement reports as her HAQ’s requirement.

Here is a document that covers the reporting needs of HAQ and what’s available in Primero.

More these details about the project:

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Custom reports an be created using the user interface. If a complex report is required, this will require development work. To find out more please view:

Thank you for the response. We have checked the reported that can be created using user interface and meets most of our needs. However, there are a few complex reports which will need development.

Can please guide us on how to go about development? What are the best practices etc for the same?


A good place to start is to look here and to try to reuse as much as possible. Then open a feature branch and make a pull request if you would like to contribute your work to Primero

Thank you. We will check on this.

Here is our custom report implementation:

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