Identity provider for primero users not working on SSD V2

The identity provider for the South Sudan V2 is not working. Users are unable to get into the system when using either the temporary password in the welcome email or using the default password that was set up by Jozian. The problem persists even though ‘Primero’ is set up as the identifier.

As system admin I am unable to set up a default password for users. There is no datafield to allow me to do that.

Also, once a username is set up in the system and we use it to log in, there is an error msg that the username does not exist and/or we get a prompt to reset the password, work our way through the prompts then get a msg to say the profile is not set up for password reset.

Kindly troubleshoot.

The password issue was an extra . added by the user. Also please note to be careful when copy/pasting password as it is easy to add an extra whitespace at the end of the string
Will take a look at why existing profiles don’t exist in the system

Temporary password issue was fixed in and removed “.” from the email