Incident filters (violation)

In Incident filters, there is a VIOLATION FILTERS field with no options. If user types in something no list is displayed. If the filter is then applied at this point , Primero 500 error is displayed

New helpdesk comment

{{Sunspot::UnrecognizedFieldError (No field configured for Incident with name ‘undefined’):}}


{{ Parameters: {“scope”=>{“status”=>“list||open”, “record_state”=>“list||true”, “undefined”=>“single||a”}}}}
{{INFO – : Started GET “/incidents?scope[status]=list||open&scope[record_state]=list||true&scope[undefined]=single||a” for at 2021-02-01 21:28:13 +0000}}


This is related to the Monitoring Module and not related to GBVIMS. It does not happen on v2 so not sure its too much of a concern so closing