Integrating Primero with an LMS

Hi, I need to integrate Primero with a Learning Management System using a component called “External tool,” but to do the configuration, Primero has to comply with the LTI standard. Can anyone help me to check if the system supports LTI?


Primero has available APIs if you are interested in any integrations which can be found below.

API Documentation:

Github APIs v2:

Out of the box I am sure that LTI is not supported. Reading through the LTI implementation doc it seems that OAuth keys are used to secure the message interactions between the Tool Consumer (I assume you are using Canvas?) and the Tool Provider (Primero). To add this would require dev work.

Some thought also needs to be given to how to isolate data based on the key. OAuth requires a key and shared secret to sign messages. The key is transmitted with each message, as well as an OAuth-generated signature based on the key. Primero would need to look up the secret based on the provided key and re-compute the signature and compare the recomputed signature with the transmitted signature to verify the sender’s credentials. This functionality does not currently exist

Many thanks! I’ll share this with the platform’s admin.

Thanks for this info! We are using Totara 12 (similar to Moodle.) I’ll share this with devs. Hopefully, they will find a path forward. The isolation of data based on the key sounds like a challenge.
Many thanks!

It would be a nice feature to have if you want to take it on. It could be applicable in other areas