Interested in contributing ideas / code to Primero? Join the Primero DAO webinar

Dear Friends of Primero,
Open source software around the world typically face 3 problems – retaining relevance, technical sustainability and financial sustainability. Retaining relevance requires collecting on-going feedback not just for technologists but also from other stakeholders such as end users, sponsors, implementing partners, lawyers, domain experts etc. Technical sustainability needs enough of a talent pool who remain interested in contributing their time and effort to the project. Financial sustainability needs reliable and regular sources of funding where the fundraising effort per $ reduces over time.

The Primero Public Goods DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a mechanism (which combines time-tested best practices such as community management on Discourse with innovative blockchain based Web3 tooling) with the aim to address all 3 of the above problems by i) bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders in one place to discuss and vote on next steps for Primero development, ii) incentivize the broader developer / contributor community to do this work and finally, iii) to pay them for their contributions with cryptocurrencies in an automated manner.
All discussions, decisions and transactions remain open to the world. Crypto fundraising mechanisms for digital public goods (such as Gitcoin grants,, DAO proposals and others) can be plugged into the treasury in the future for sustained fundraising.

If you’d like to know more and be a part of this initiative, join us for a webinar on 18 December 2023: REGISTER HERE: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

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