Is it possible to extract form field translations via the API?

We are working on an Interoperability project with Primero V2 where the partner would like to send translated value labels for single- and multi-select questions to another system.

For example, if a caseworker has specified that the case Occupation is "Pre-School" in a form, via data integration with the /cases API endpoint, we can extract this information and see the DB names for this field and the option value are configured as…
"occupation": "pre_school"

However, the partner would like to ALSO send the translated labels for the option value IDs to their external system. Example output we’d like to generate:
"occupation": {"pre_school": "ก่อนวัยเรียน"}

When we export case data via the API, is there also a way to export the value labels and translations?
Could we perhaps use the /forms endpoint to download the form metadata and translations for each field in that form?

FYI - We expect needing the translated values for 200+ questions across multiple forms, so I’m wondering if there is 1 API endpoint we can query to get ALL translations.

@jack.miszencin @pavel.nabutovsky @childprotectioninnov wondering if you know of a way?

Yes, it is possible. Your user role must be updated to include permissions which allow access to the forms and lookups. Thereafter you can extract and pull the fields from the GET lookups and GET forms queries.