Issues in Mobile Application

Hello, we have created a primero web application, Thanks to the primero team for creating such a great tool and your constant support.
We are also trying to use the primero mobile app for the same application, and we are finding following issues while using it:

  1. The mobile app is not synchronizing data marked for mobile.
    It shows that the data is synchronized, but it does not update the synchronization page in the mobile app or display any case in the mobile app.

  2. Role specific functionalities not working as expected in mobile app.
    We have created a separate role for a user which can create cases in our web application. But this seems to not work in the mobile app, all the roles are able to create cases.
    Also, when cases are created from the mobile app and synced to the web app, the case is displayed with “primero” as the name of the user who created the case and not the user who logged in and created it.

We are looking for some advice from the community about the issues we are facing in primero mobile application.

We are still having this issue, is there any update on this?

There is a new build of the mobile app being tested to see if the synch issues can be replicated. As soon as this passes QA we will let you guys know