Issues with Saved Data Disappearing

I have had several users report an issue they have with data entry.

They are reporting that saved data is disappearing. Case workers have no difficulty when entering the cases, rather the problem is when they enter the system a day or two after entering data, and they find that there is information that has not been saved.

As an example, one caseworker entered a case with its respective incident and saved it. On the day that she entered the data into the GBVIMS+, the incident did not appear, so she recreated the incident and saved it again. A couple of days later, when she re-entered GBVIMS+, she noticed that the case appeared with TWO incidents (the one that had disappeared and the one that she retyped).

The users have stable internet connection, and the supervisor has verified that they enter the cases correctly. This issue was occurring last year, but there was around a two week period that it did not give them a problem, but this situation recurred.

Thank you!

Thanks for raising this. We are releasing a fix for this in release 2.5.5, where users click multiple times and it saves incidents/cases multiple times and also a fix in 2.6.0 for the internet timing out and having issues with data disappearing.