Languages and Translation

Can we change the language in Primero to Vietnamese or to other ethnic minority languages?

Yes. Translations will need to be provided. It is possible to undertake this process in-house and/or in combination with SMEs and professional translators. Note there are currently over 2000+ strings that will require translation.

Primero uses the transifex service to facilitate localization:

Please note that even if you have different languages in Primero (English, Kurdish, and Arabic), the system will be translated for all languages where users can toggle between them. This is a feature of Primero V1.7.

I want to change the translation in Case Filter Section
How i can do it using terminal (Note there is no translation for case filter section in configuration bundle file)?

Primero has 2 separate sets of strings that can be translated: form and options strings (and you can do that in the form admin) and application strings (like translations for the words “Case” or “Filter”). If its the latter, you can not do the translation directly in Primero, but you can use our translation management tool to modify the translation, then submit it as a pull request.