Mandatory field

Under the national admin account, we can’t change a field into a mandatory one
Also, it’s not working when we apply the filter for users under their NGOs

Hi Nebras, when you made a field mandatory, did you log into the demo environment first select the “required” check box and then save the form?

After you save, please refresh the page to make sure the mandatory field is appearing.

Then if it looks good, you can send your changes from the demo environment to the production environment. But note that the system will go down once you send the configuration from demo to production. Here is a short video to help: CPIMS+ Rollout Guidelines Part 11: Configuration Promotion Process - YouTube

The issue on the filters for the users have been fixed in the 2.2.2 release which came out on Friday, January 7. It will be release into the production environment on Friday, January 14.

Thank you, Jan, this really helpful.