Migration Processes

How do I migrate Child Protection data from CPIMS?

First, export the data you wish to migrate from CPIMS into a CSV file. The headers in this file will represent data fields that may or may not also be present in Primero. Make a mapping of the headers in the file to their corresponding field names in Primero, then replace the old headers with the new Primero ones. At this point, you will import the edited CSV file into Primero to complete the migration process.

The high-level process we will follow includes the following steps:

  1. Put the system admin in contact with the Primero admin and we will coordinate sharing the configuration bundles. Once this configuration has been shared no form changes can be made, although they are still able to add and change users.
  2. The development team will upgrade the configuration.
  3. We will then create and run a migration script to migrate all the data from v1.xx to v1.xx
  4. We will go through a process of quality assurance to ensure the newly upgraded configuration is working as expected.
  5. We will then do a clean deploy to your production server. For 1-3 days no users can use the system and during that time we request that you and the team verify that the migration has been correct and you can check the cases.

This process will take about 4 – 8 weeks.

How do I migrate incident data from the GBV Incident Recorder?

Currently, the Incident Recorder exports to a CSV format with headers that are very similar to those of Primero. As with Child Protection data, you must make a mapping of the Incident Recorder file headers with their corresponding field names in Primero, and then replace the old headers with the new ones. Once this is done, you may import the edited CSV file into Primero.

How do I migrate MRM data into Primero?

The process for migrating data from MRMIMS is not well defined at this time but will follow similar principles to those governing the CP and GBV migration processes.