Missing case/incident records after successful save


Reports from Bangladesh GBVIMS+ that case/incident records are being saved on the system but they are not appearing in case/incident list view and disappear. These records are not disabled and/or closed.

In one instance case record is saved, it appears on the case list view then user signs in and out again- and then it disappears.

In another instance, case record is saved, there is a confirmation by the system that the case record is saved, but it does not appear on the case record list.

Your support in troubleshooting would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Please can you send me in direct message the case id and/or incident id?

Restarted server, and issue seems to be resolved. Elfriede, please let us know if this occurs again.

We are having a similar issue. Did you restart the actual server or primero sever using below command.

sudo /srv/primero/bin/primeroctl restart

I ran the command you pasted but we are talking about v2 not 1.x. BTW you should upgrade to v2 if you are still on the 1.x series. Scripts to help do that are here GitHub - primeroIMS/primero-v2-migration
Shout on here if you need help