New Case, Wrong Form

There was a fix that made it so the landing page when opening up a new GBV case was the Survivor Information form. However, this is no longer applied and has reverted to the old setting. Instead the landing page is the Action Plan, which is confusing for users.

Is this happening generally across all GBV instances or on a specific one? If its a specific one please let us know which

Hi Ian! Thank you for your response. I’ve reviewed all of the instances I have access to. This is happening in the NCA, Yemen, and North East Syria instances. I want to note that they all have the same system version (2.5.1) as the other instances where the landing page is working correctly.

Ok so these instances were never changed as we do not have access to them. We will request access and do that for you

Hi Ian! I wanted to follow up on this. I am still having this issue with the mentioned instances. Please let me know what I can do to support this fix. Thank you!

We have now got access and have changed the Yemen sandbox. If its ok please create and apply a config and then push to prod

I’ve reviewed the Yemen sandbox, and it is still not opening new cases on the correct form.

Please can you try now. I have saved the changes to the database