Nice themes for Primero app

Here we will be discussing nice themes for primero app.

Hey @irlawrence I think for any app the home page is an important part. Here is a design of the home page I made. Please give your views.

Hey @aashim1garg
Nice! Just so I am sure I understand.
You are suggesting that this should be the home page of the Primero app which organizations and UNICEF offices install? Clicking on the modules link would allow the user to create a CP or GBV Incident or Case - is this what you had in mind?
v2 is React and the the modules load depending on the roles assigned to the logged in user so how would that work in this design.

Ok Ian.

I designed this home page with the thought in mind that home page should have good amount of Information about Primero itself. Likewise to implement the information I gave various links on the homepage such as its Android App link , its youtube channel link and various other items. I also gave a navbar also contains resources about primero etc.

As per your suggestions I will focus on the respective modules that will load depending on the roles assigned to the logged in user.

Hey @irlawrence there is a issue I filed. Can you please have a look at that I think that needs to be fixed because everytime when I run the app I get a warning on my terminal screen.

Hi @aashim1garg …you should be fine to just ignore the warning whilst developing . It will likely be fixed before the v2 release

hey @irlawrence I have mailed you the proposal . Can you please review it

I will take a look later today. Thanks!

yes I am making some more changes.