OpenFn and Primero Language Pack, now available!

Check out the OpenFn Primero language-package (or “connector”), now live and available to any OpenFn user to access: GitHub - OpenFn/language-primero: A language-package that wraps up UNICEF's Primero API for use with OpenFn

Open Function Group (OFG) specializes in integrated system design & implementation for international development programs and has developed the OpenFn integration platform (OpenFn or “the iPaaS”) to provide organizations with flexible, stable and secure data integration and systems automation. OpenFn provides a secure infrastructure on which UNICEF can quickly prototype integration flows between Primero and any partner system and then securely scale those integration workflows to maintain tight interoperability between Primero and partner systems, even at national-government level data volumes. Learn more at and check out their Security Guidelines for Data Integration Implementations at Security considerations for data integration projects | OpenFn/docs