Password change issues

Hi there, one of my GBVIMS organisation focal points ‘forgot’ their password . As System Admin I changed it to the nominated password and saved the changes. Since then however, my GBVIMS FP has still not been able to log in to their profile. There have also been reports of other caseworkers in the said organisation complaining of the same issue. Please help!


You may need to restart the primero process in order for theses changes to be picked up. So that is

sudo /srv/primero/bin/primeroctrl restart

If you do not feel confident to do this (or dont actually have access to the machine) let me know or create a helpdesk ticket and I can do it for you

Thanks for your msg @irlawrence!

Apologies, but do you mind breaking this down step by step? Perhaps I could try this step before we escalate to the creation of a helpdesk ticket?

Also, I do not have access to the machine of the Focal Point as I am supporting remotely.

Many thanks.

You do not need access to the users machine but you do need access to the server where Primero is running. I assume you do not have this so its best I think to create a helpdesk ticket (with more details of the implementation you are supporting). To do this click the blue button ‘Create Helpdesk request’ at the top of this thread - see below

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I have restarted the process on the server. Can you verify with your focal point that this resolves the issue please

@ekormawa can you confirm that this worked? I can then close the helpdesk ticket. Thanks!

Proposed solution worked so closing the ticket